Our control panel allows complete control over your VoIP service and we're adding more all the time. Some of the most common features are listed below.

Inbound Numbers

Setup an inbound number so that anyone can reach you on a UK number, wherever you are connected. If you travel regularly, all your friends, family and colleagues will be able to contact you, without paying for international charges.


Setup per-user or global mailboxes allowing you to record your own greetings and receive your new messages, directly to your e-mail inbox as an .mp3 file. This allows each user to manage their own voicemails.

Custom Outbound CLI

Select any number on your account to use as your outbound caller ID. If you call from an extension, you can configure your custom outbound CLI to display the full number or just the extension.

Time-based Routing

When you receive incoming calls, you may want different things happen depending on the day or time of day. For example, whenever your office is closed you may want to forward all your incoming calls to a voicemail box.

Call Forwarding

Setup call forwarding directly from your telephone handset allowing calls to be redirected to other extensions, your voicemail box or external numbers such as landlines or mobile phones. We can also forward any incoming numbers.

Call Recording

Any inbound or outbound calls can be recorded and made available to you through the call logging interface. We just charge you for the amount of disk space you use when storing your recorded calls.


You can ask callers to select from a range of pre-defined options using their telephone keypad, based on the numbers entered by the user you can route the call to wherever you need it be.

Music on Hold

Upload MP3 files and whenever you place a caller on hold or into a call queue, they will be played the track you have uploaded. This could include a marketing message or just some smooth jazz!

Call Groups

Setup groups of extensions which can be called simultaneously with the first person to pick up taking the call. For example, you may wish to setup a call group to ring your whole accounts department.

Call Conferencing

All the phones we supply support three-way calling which allows you to create ad-hoc conferences directly from your telephone handset. You can also setup "conference rooms" which callers can call into.

Call Queues

We can dynamically display the status of any extensions within your system using the soft keys & lights provided on your telephone. However, your handset must support this feature.

Call Logs

You are able to view detailed logs about all calls made on the system. This is beneficial if you would like to know the direction of calls, duration of calls or activity with a specific business.

Global Address Book

Maintain a global list of contacts which will be available from any of your phones, providing you with easy access to useful numbers. We'll also lookup incoming calls from this so you can see the caller's name.


You can setup any of your incoming numbers to receive faxes and then forward them to your e-mail inbox as an attachment. Very usable and absolutely convenient feature for all who want to always be in touch.

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