About Us

VoIPify, providing easy to use, reliable and cost effective VoIP services.

We're based in the steel city of Sheffield and we offer internet telephony services to customers all over the world. From home users that want to have a second line with a different number to call friends around the world at competitive rates to SMEs that have call centres across sites, or with home workers that need to be work as if "in the office".

Our VoIP services allow customers to keep in touch via any internet connected device, even 3G and 4G mobile handsets using the industry standard SIP protocol.

We offer a control panel that is filled with self-service features allowing you to configure a new number, extension, voicemail box, IVR menu and more. We can port UK numbers from an extensive range of other providers such as BT, TTNC, Gradwell, Magrathea and Virgin Media and we don't charge excessive fees to do this - unlike some of our competitors.

VoIPify support is based in the UK, ready to help with any support issue you have and our easy to use helpdesk means customers can raise tickets to us, 24/7. Why not get in touch to talk about your VoIP requirements and see how we can help you save money on any existing VoIP solution in place.

In May 2021, we rebranded from Port 5060 Ltd to VoIPify Ltd to better identify to the service that we offer..